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About Treatwell

Working toward wellness of health   "TreatWell Pharma" is an ISO 9001:2000 certified Pharmaceutical Company involved in production of wide range of products covering all areas of disease and forms. As the name reflects, We are engaged in production of ethical quality products in accordance to GMP and WHO guideline facilitating the wellness of the humankind.

Our Objective:
We as a well established Pharmaceutical Organisation belive in philosophical driven torque derived from the 26 alphabets "ABCDE..." i.e we strive ahed in fulfillment of our goal taking intoconsideration all the aspects of the sides of the coin. Our Business policie sand Strategies are based in accordance covering all the Alphabets of the Pharma World. As each and every word in English Literature is derived from these 26 alphabets: our values for business are based on the runway from ignorance to pool knowledge. We mould ourselves in accordance to current Pharmaceutical market keeping in mind the current trends and experience from the past.

Our Path to Success
We belive in produsing assured quality formulation having uniformity and consistency in texture and stability.