Working toward wellness of health

"TreatWell Pharma" is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Pharmaceutical Company involved in production of wide range of products covering all areas of disease and forms. As the name reflects, We are engaged in production of ethical quality products in accordance to GMP and WHO guideline facilitating the wellness of the humankind.


  • Treatsure Pharma
  • Iwell Pharma
  • Lifecare Formulation
  • Sanity Pharma
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Our Product Category

Treatwell Pharma prioritizes on understanding the needs of the customers before anything else and develops superior quality products at affordable prices. Our product portfolio caters to a wide range of medical streams such as Antibiotic/Antibacterial, Antiulcer, Anti-Inflamatory/Antispasmodic, Anticough/Anti-Allergic, Neuropsychiatric,Gynecology, and many more.

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Our Speciality

We believe in offering new and advanced medicines to individuals all across the world. Our PCD model is expanding at a fast rate and is offering great business which can monitor your business on every step from making the medicines to delivering it to the clients

Access to Care Services

full range of clinical services to enhance the safety, quality

Drug Affordability

solutions for patients, while not compromising their quality

Operational Services

shipping, and handling standards to meet product


Condition Specific Support

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Why Choose Treatwell Pharma

As the name reflects, We are engaged in production of ethical quality products in accordance to GMP and WHO guideline facilitating the wellness of the humankind

Treatwell Pharma is Dedicated to Humanity's Quest for Longer, Healthier and Happier Lives Through Innovative Pharmaceutical Nutraceutical and Herbal Health Products.

We Intend to Become the World's Most Admired Company for Our Customers, Business Colleagues/associates, Investors, Business Partners, and the Community.

To Realize Our Vision and Accomplishing Mission, We Affirm Our Values of Integrity, Respect for People, Customer Focus, Community, Innovation, Teamwork, Performance, Leadership, and Quality.

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We believe in free and fair Business. Our vision is to make this platform a high quality Pharma Professionals Business Networking Platform, which provides rich and useful information and ensure for genuine businesses.

We want to be recognized as pioneers & Leaders in the field of healthcare by consistently offering best quality medicines at most affordable price to every citizen of the country & Globe, thus improved quality of life.

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We belive in produsing assured quality formulation having uniformity and consistency in texture and stability.







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We as a well established Pharmaceutical Organisation belive in philosophical driven torque derived from the 26 alphabets "ABCDE..." i.e we strive ahed in fulfillment of our goal taking intoconsideration all the aspects of the sides of the coin. Our Business policie sand Strategies are based in accordance covering all the Alphabets of the Pharma World. As each and every word in English Literature is derived from these 26 alphabets: our values for business are based on the runway from ignorance to pool knowledge.

We mould ourselves in accordance to current Pharmaceutical market keeping in mind the current trends and experience from the past.

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